Rivet packing:

    Provide a series of standards and customized packaging specifications. Belt feed rivets can be supplied by box or reel. The box is used for manual applications requiring rivet assemblies to be movable or rotating. The box is made of plastic and can hold 5000 rivets. The rivet design and manufacturing process of Depelli riveting technology have passed the certification of TS16949 and ISO14001. From raw material production to product packaging, it has complete batch traceability.

    Rivet punching is specially designed to cooperate with the feeding of hand-held self-piercing riveting machine. Rivets are installed on the material belt. Through the movement of the material belt, rivets are sent to the self-piercing riveting machine room one by one, thus completing the riveting automation process. There are mainly 5.3*8, 5.3*9 and other models. The self-piercing rivets sold by our company have the quality of imported rivets. They have been widely used in busbar grooves and automobile shell industries. They have high cost performance. We welcome to purchase them in batches after free trial. Self-piercing riveting is a kind of cold joint technology used to connect two or more metal sheets. After the special rivet penetrates the top plate, the hollow structure at the end of the rivet expands and penetrates into the bottom plate without piercing the bottom plate under the action of the riveting die, thus forming a firm riveting joint.

    In the self-piercing riveting process, the blank holder first moves downward to pre-press the riveting material to prevent the riveting material from flowing into the die under the action of the rivet, and then the downward movement of the punch pushes the rivet to pierce the upper material.

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